Livia is a single mother of two and lives in Toronto, Canada

Livia Qin

Livia Qin is no stranger to the business world. Her motto of “quality without compromise” is a phrase that is a well-earned family trait and part of her business DNA.

She started young, working closely with her father, who built a company that became the world’s largest supplier of Sodium Erythorbate, and from whom she acquired, as a young girl, her business skills.

In 2005, Livia graduated in Chemical Engineering and established Green Health Elements Ltd. in 2007 in Toronto.

In the face of her father’s sudden and premature death in 2018, Livia started to manage a complex company with more than 1,000 employees. The overwhelming challenges of stepping into her father’s shoes to manage the business, along with a declining market, placed a considerable amount of strain on Livia. At that moment, she started to evaluate her health, personal goals and business directions.

Her deep-rooted personal values for a healthy lifestyle, food and a holistic approach to life inspired her to change from food preservatives to healthy natural products. Products sourced at the highest quality, eco-friendly, with high levels of certifications, and accessible.

Livia’s passion for excellence led her to personally visit a Coconut Oil source overseas and see firsthand the operation, ensuring the certifications and sustainability practices. She spent time getting to know the supplier and building a relationship on mutual respect.

Returning to Canada, Livia moved her present business to a larger facility and immediately set forth to renovate the building capable of packaging her product. She also obtained facility certifications such as HACCP and BRC®, receiving a high score for excellence and compliance. Additional certifications were also obtained for Kosher, VegeCert and CFIA, to name a few.

But Livia doesn’t just stop there. She is also a firm believer that organic foods should be affordable, so she’s finding innovative ways to minimize the overhead costs and retail markups. The packaging is also crucial to her, so she’s secured fully recyclable containers for all of the products.

You can often find Livia in the production room, stocking boxes, and ensuring everything is running smoothly. Every single part of the business is vital to her, and she feels personally responsible for your satisfaction with the products.

Support Organic Farmers + Give Access to Healthy Foods + Encourage Sustainable Food Processing = Healthy People Living in a Healthy World
When you purchase a GHE product, you can have absolute confidence in its quality, and you will taste the difference.
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