GHE General
Where are GHE products available?
Our products are available online only. You can purchase them directly through our website.
I love your products. Can I sell them in my store?
We’re so happy to hear that! Yes, please fill out the form on the ‘contact us’ page and we’ll gladly discuss the wholesale opportunities with you.
What is your Return Policy?
We want to make sure that you’re happy with our products, so if you’re not satisfied with the purchase for any reason, you have 30 days (from the day of the purchase) to return the product to us and receive a full refund.
What is the difference between Certified Organic and Non-organic?
“Certified Organic” means that our products exceed the organic certification process requirements that ensure the integrity of organic products from field to table. We received a registered trademark that guarantees that our products were grown without synthetic fertilizers, insecticides or herbicides.

Non-organic products are more likely to be grown with the use of various chemicals.

Are all your products Organic?
Yes, we strictly adhere to the North American standards for Certified Organic products.
Coconut Oil
What is Organic Virgin Coconut Oil good for?
Organic Virgin Coconut Oil has several great benefits, such as increasing metabolic rate and energy levels and improving digestion. Coconut oil can also be used as part of your hair and skincare routine, helping with dry skin and damaged hair.
Do I need to refrigerate coconut oil?
It is best to keep the coconut oil in your pantry at room temperature, allowing it to maintain its natural solid-state. If placed in the fridge, the coconut oil will be hard to scoop out of the jar.
What should I look for in Organic Coconut Oil?
Ensure that the coconut oil label has an Organic certification and states that the product is cold-pressed, unrefined and virgin/extra virgin.
Why is it called Virgin Coconut Oil?
When the oil is extracted from a single press at a temperature lower than 40 degrees Celsius, it is called ‘virgin’ coconut oil, meaning it preserves all its natural qualities.
Cacao Husk
What is Cacao Husk?
Cacao Husks are the outer shells of the cacao bean. During the chocolate-making process, cacao beans are harvested, fermented and dried. After that, the nibs are separated from the husks. The husks are used as a tea, which, when steeped, has a chocolate flavour without any chemicals or additives. Yummy!
What is Cacao Tea good for?
Cacao tea is great as a post-meal digestive tea. It is also an excellent option for when you need to satisfy that chocolate craving!
Is there caffeine in Cacao Tea?
Cacao Husk Tea is predominantly caffeine-free. Although it does not contain caffeine, it naturally contains theobromine, a very mild stimulant and very gentle on the body.
What are the health benefits of Cacao Husk?
Cacao Husk Tea is rich in antioxidants, minerals and vitamins C and E.
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